placeless films, llc. realizes that Script Consulting and Story Services are very niche areas for the markets it serves.


Our entire team is ethically committed to protecting your original work from any kind of unauthorized physical or electronic distribution or dissemination. We accompany this ethical commitment with a legal disclaimer before we start any kind of work on original ideas, scripts and other creative material.


placeless films, llc. is committed to providing highly attractive and flexible pricing models to encourage filmmakers to leverage its specialized services.

As part of our continued commitment to encourage aspiring student filmmakers, we offer special discounts for all projects sponsored or supported by universities/schools or other social organizations.

Where placeless films, llc. provides advisory support and/or expertise, it reserves the right to be listed on film credits, unless otherwise released by placeless films, llc.


We encourage filmmakers to initiate contact with us through email. When writing to us, feel free to provide a logline or a brief synopsis (250 words max) of your project, the issue it addresses, and why this issue is important to you as a writer/director. We will review all emails and respond back with our interest (or not) within 2 weeks.

Please do NOT send any creative material until specifically requested by an authorized team member at placeless films. placeless films will NOT review or respond to any unsolicited material beyond the logline and the 250 words synopses sent specifically for that purpose.